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Manufacture: Armorall..

Item: Hi-Shine Soft Paste Wax..

Price: RRP £4.99


Rating: 10/10

Manufactures Product Info Below....

New easy-to-use Armor All wax delivers longer-lasting shine

Armor All is again delivering motorists maximum results for minimum effort, adding a deluxe Hi-Shine Soft Paste Wax to its already comprehensive paint care range.

Specially formulated to bring out the true colour of your car, the high-gloss paint protector contains Carnauba wax for a longer-lasting super shine, whilst leaving no hint of haze.

Easy to apply and even easier to buff dry, Hi-Shine Soft Paste Wax is safe on all paint finishes, and is competitively priced at RRP £4.99 for a 236g tin.

Thought id try this and see how i got on with it being a new Armorall product with Carnauba Wax and as i only paid £1.98 trade for it i had nothing to loose....

i use to use Meguiars products but being a black car i couldn't get on with i was always buffing like mad to get the greasy smears off the paintwork so i switched back to Autoglym with there new polish for dark cars which dosent smear or leave powder dust behind when buffing off....then i use to cover the whole car with there high gloss protectant which although gave a good shine was sometimes a pig to remove without hard work so thought id give the Armorall Wax ago...

the Armorall Wax results are very good doing one panel at a time allowing to dry before buffing cloth to buff most of the wax off then another for the ultimate non smear/greasey shine with hardly any effort for the shine....its now raining :( and the water is beading off nicely.. as to how well this will last before re-doing i dont know but will post up next time....i admitt i did polish the car beforehand but didnt do the roof but did wax with the armorall and the results were just as good..also with only waxing one half of the bonnet you could still tell the difference between the waxed half and non waxed half..........


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I've not used any of their products for a while now,the last was some of those dash wipes.I tend to use /buy what I get off the autoglym/autosmart suppliers at work.

I must admit the autoglym supreme polish is great,but unlike most of the others I use at work dries much quicker and harder so its more of a panel at a time polish.

I tend to finish off with the Autoglym liquid hardwax :L

glad your happy,and you can't grumble at what it cost you :woot:

;) Darren

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they were giving away free samples of this at trax ive got about 20 lots but not used it yet
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