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Asking the Obvious

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Obvious answer here but want to be 100% sure before shelling out the £££.

03 TDCI and have an intermittent issue with starting. On occasion when I start the car, it sounds as if the starter is not engaging fully. Two or three tries and finally it will engage. Once the car is started and I release the key, I have a sort of "handful of screwdrivers in a pot full of marbles" sound from the engine. Only lasts just a second or two, and then the car runs fine. Although I do have a vibration in the pedal when slightly depressing the clutch.

99.99999% sure it is the DMf packing up and on it's way out for a vacation. Just want to make sure 100% that is the issue before ordering the parts tomorrow.

Also, is it worth the extra £££ to go with the solid flywheel instead of the DMF when replacing? Also, if going with the solid flywheel, does the TDCI require the Concentric slave cyl? Although the clutch feels strong, I am going to replace it as well since it will all be out anyway.

Oh, and replacing with LUK parts since these were the OEM installs correct?
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Yes get the whole clutch kit replaced unless doing the work yourself & dont mind taking it apart later to replace one item at a time.

Personally i would stick to the DMF unless you plan to keep the car forever & ever and are gentle on the clutch.

Price wise there is hardly anything in it and you should get 150,000 miles if driven properly.
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