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autobox woes

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Hi I have a r reg 2.5 v6 ghiax that has done 110000 miles.
My problem is a couple of days ago I went on a short run and everything was fine. I then parked my car for 2 hrs and on the way back home the car started to misbehave. It started to jerk as if it couldn't change gear. If I put it in neutral it was ok. I check the fluid level and added some more. The car then was ok but a few miles down the road it started again.
Could it be the gearbox or something else I sorry that this is long but hope someone can help me thanks once again.
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if its not had the transmission fluid changed for a long time that could be the problem, but some people say changing it on old units can make the situation worse.

we had similar symptoms on our audi auto and i thought it was gearbox, but turned out that the car was overdue a service and needed a new coilpack.

if your autobox is buggered, they are very costly to repair/replace unfortunately.
Thanks for replying percybigun. When I brought the car it had been standing for a long time and I don't think that it has had a service for ages. So I think I will give it a through service with a change of transmission oil and see how it goes. Thanks once again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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