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Aux belt tensioner ?

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Hello, i have the horrible ratteling noise that comes from the left hand side of the engine. Do i just replace the tensioner or is it recomended to change crank pulley as well as the tensioner. I read on previous post on a forum that frauds are ment to be designing a new crank pully ? does any one know if it is available yet or when it will be available ?
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Not sure about Ford doing a new part but I would suggest changing the lot.

I have put a link on here which explains it a bit better
If you are going to do it then do the lot. The tensioner and belt are knackered by the crank pulley oscillating. But to be fair there is a good chance it will happen again. I am on my third set on my car but then it is the warranty peeps paying not me!
I am on second lot and when ford changed it they said they were using updated modified parts so it shouldnt fail again.

19k miles later its rattling again - its getting left along now (ford did it under warranty first time)
Got the crank pulley / belt and tensioner complete today and fitted it. Its a bit tight removing and fitting tensioner. Nice and quite now but for how long i wounder. Since changing this lot today i have noticed there is a slight ocasional ticking noise coming from the tensioner? any ideas?

That link has the part code and whats included in the kit from Unipart. The whole kit £105 inc vat
you need the pulley as well however on that ;)
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