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Average life of the zetec engine?

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Hi guys,
what is the average life of a well maintained zetec engine... How many miles do they go for? I know no one can really say but I wanted to know an average? Im thinking of getting about £3000's worth of engine work getting done to my 2.0 zetec on 79k miles but seeing if its really worth it.

Thank you
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My last two have been 130k+ and still going strong and the one I have now is coming up to 120k and still pulls and drives fine. The ones I've had the bodywork has fallen to bits before the engine. All been petrol.
look on the trader there are a few high mileage ones with between 140 and 200k.
why would you spend £3000 on your engine at 79000 miles. Is it knackered? you could probably buy a new one for that!
Ok thanks guys... Good to hear. Well im looking at getting a turbo conversion on my 2.0, run a Focus RS turbo. Everthing supplied and fitted (turbo, manifold, ecu, loom, remap ect) is £3000.

I know I could go out and get a impreza but I love my Mondeo and like to have something different that will stand out a little. But deciding if Im making the right choice on spending £3000 on a 79k mile engine.
if it goes bang there are plenty more about and cheap enough.
Should be fine at that mileage, as said above if it did go wrong you can pick up another for £50-100 and get it fitted for a few hundred. My supercharger and NOS was fitted to a 100k mile engine and has done about 40k miles on it. The zetec can take some serious welly as long as its set up right.
If you get it turbo'd get a new fuel filter, water pump, cambelt kit and all new fluids. Its worth getting a new coilpack, MSD sell an uprated one at
My 2.0 Zetec is on 170k at the moment. It doesn't smoke or tap when cold.

I think they're durable engines if serviced properly. They need to be kept on decent 5/30 oil.
Thanks guys, its put my mind at rest. Thanks
My mk2 black top 2.0 is just over 200k and still going strong, uses no oil or water.
My silver top is on 238k and doesn't get that well looked after to be honest, but seems bullit proof.
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