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i posted this in the wrong section to begin with so now in the correct section someone may be able to help :) my back left door wont open because i put the child lock on not thinking and now the door wont open inside or out , any suggestions ?
Mk1 1994 Mondeo
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same problem on my 200 when i bought it. bloody child locks! :}

if you undo as many screws as possible from the doorcard and then pull it off. you will be able to reach inside the door to see whats going on.

in my case it was simple, the exterior door handle connecting rod had come away from the clip that holds it to the door lock. 30 seconds lsater i had clipped it back together and the outer handle worked again.

got the door open and turned off the child lock pronto :)

How many did you manage to undo, as they are mostly hidden when the door is shut, or was it a case off a bit of brute force, rather than softly softly :}

I had thought a similar solution to yours would work, but mine was even more drastic lol.
I thought you could open the front door, and then undo the bolts holding the hinges to the back door as well, so that a couple more of the door card screws would be visible. You could also pull off the rubber weatherstrip seal off too, to give you a bit more manoeuvrability. Sounds good in theory, but would definitely be easier if you had a mate to help you!

A torch and a small mirror are always on my tools list for jobs like these :L
this had happened on mine as well but the previous owner had cut a huge flap into the door card to solve that
ye you can only undo a few of the screws the rest of them pull out with the force of a sharp tug. - i didnt even brake any when i did it! i was well impressed with myself :}
well guys thanks for the ideas much appreciated i will give it a try when i get my car back from my mechanic :) hope it works the problem on the inside is the handle is stiff wont go in or out lol but anythings worth a try a suppose
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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