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bad day

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had a day off work today decided to go shopping and on my way on the A47 mr pleb decides to pull out into the side of me causing lots of inconvenience smashed bumper headlight foglights bonnett thats visible :(
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He pulled out in the side of you but did all front end damage?
Did he admit liability?
Such a shame, such a clean car for it to happen to as well.
Might as well get a ZS front bumper for the insurance repairers to paint :whistling:
nightmare, you should've took his jaw for a walk :L

hope it all goes smoothly and he doesnt start playing silly buggers etc.
Gutted for you Sarah, I know how I felt when mine was damaged :(

Like Marney said, why not take the opportunity to fit a ZS bumper. :L
Thanks guys lol i was very chilled out for me lol,he kind of pulled across a left hand junction into my driverside corner i ripped his front axle off lmfao but it wrung my car and ripped the bumper off,etc his insurance had rung me and said he had admitted to it being his fault luckly see where we go from here wonder what they will make of the black eyed halos lol bet they cant find them on the shelf lmao
wonder what ill be showing at duxford now lol
Sorry to hear that Sarah, hope that you get it sorted soon
Good opportunity to get bonnet vents aswell, i bunged the bodyshop a a bit extra when my old landlord had to pay for damage to my bonnet :whistling:

as nice as your car is, the fact that you came out of it unscathed is the important thing, and added to that he admitted fault and has insurance is a major plus

I like Marney's idea though
ummmm dont tempt me lol

Firstly, you are unhurt, that the main thing :L

Not wishing to scare monger but if you have hit his car with enough force to rip his axle off, i wouldnt be suprised if you've bent/broken a bit more than listed. Make sure the place fixing it check all the suspension/front subframe/chassis legs/front bumper cross member. All designed to absorb impact in the event of an accident so make sure they get checked!

Thanks ben gotta speak to them today so will double check on what they have found :)
looking like shes gonna be back to me next weekend :) needed new cross member new shock antiroll barbush headlight hmm classic this one they orded just the one doh then wondred why they didnt come black lol so iv now got to run my spare one down for the other side just a word of warning for people with black eyes even thou mine are listed on insurance they are classed as unique and many body shops dont know how to make them up :eyesup: :headshake: new bumper foglight and grill all in a days work er !!!!
Good news about the car coming back so quickly. Didn't get the ZS bumper then? ;)
didnt even get the correct headlights hun can you emagine the hassle over zs bumper :laugh:
So what happens Re: angel eyes etc? Are they going to pay for new uns? Could send them a link to some really expensive ones on eBay and say this how much they are and then do them yourself?
Nope cos basically all they are going to do is replace the one damaged headlight and replace it with factory standard :( as that leaves me with odd headlights they will have to re aurgue the claim with insurance for a new passanger side light but he dont reckon they would buy it and they will hold the repairs up so i just said id take my spare passanger side one down as theres nothing wrong with it but i want to keep the ones off the car the halos are not working so i reckon ill be fixing them and making new blackeyes nxt weekend lol
So what's the point insuring them if they're not gonna replace them? I'd be kicking off big style TBH! They'd be quick enough to kick a claim out if the accident had been your fault and you hadn't declared them. Yet you declare them, it's not your fault and you still get penalised!
i wasnt very happy tbh just want the car back now though cant flippin win either way these days only way they will replace them is if they stock them on a shelf and as they dont ive just shit right out :( is it really worth me re-doing them again cos nxt time i wont have a spare :(
Maybe just get some spares again to do. Shame that you'll end up being out of pocket either way!
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