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Bad paint repair

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On my Mondeo i had a dent in the drivers door and some sanding marks on the rear door that had gone through the clearcoat. I went to a local bodyshop to have the sanding marks done and asked them if they could pull the dent out that would be great.

Picked the car up later in the day and noticed the colour was not a great match, infact it was more grey than black. Got told they had to fill the dent in and respray the door, so that was 2 doors resprayed and both grey.

Took the car back and they booked the car in to spray the correct shade of panther black, next time i took it down expecting it to be all ok, picked it up later in the day for them to say that they only managed to do 1 door and to bring down the car to do the 2nd door.

Took car back down and they did the work, so i was happy, much better colour match this time. As it was starting to rain i left and didnt have time to check the car over.

a couple of days later the sun was shining bright and i noticed the doors a lot darker than the front and rear wing. The front and rear wing have a kind of purple tint to them in the glistening sun, this is not the case with the doors.

Took the car down again and showed them, at 1st they said they couldnt see it, then the sun came out again and they changed their mind.

Now they want to blend it into the wings, but i am not sure. The reasons for this are, everytime i have had the car back the doors are full of scrathes, like poor polishing after. Also on the rear door the laquer is starting to come away already, only been about 4-5 days since it was done. under the door handles they have wet sanded it but not polished it up so looks dull and naff. Also in the paint is like fish eyes and blobs of laquer or paint.

I have a picture here to show the difference in colour and scratches, doing a little video of the other bits too :(

Does anyone know where i stand with this? i dont want them touching the other wings if this is what will happen to them too. The paint was nearly 100% before, the front door was scratch free other than the dent.

I only paitn £120 for the job, buthowever cheap i expect an OK job, better than it was before, now it is worse.
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here is a pic of the different colour


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Simple really. Shody cheapo bodyshop.

Afraid ya pay for what ya get.
paint clolours never match fully my mate runs a repair shop nad they always feather the spray out onto the next panel and then buff it all up and you can never tell. if they are just spraying a panel you will always notice the difference to it. also sounds like they cant get the correct colour too, maybe the apprentice was doing the job, unfortunately if you get a cheap job you get a cheap finish mate
I agree Dezza, the quality of the work, reflects in the price, would of though a closer match would be possible, however, could they be bothered at that price?
A good bodyshop would be able to get a VERY good match, comes with experience and quality equipment and materials.

I got a front bumper resprayed and the match was perfect, and I mean perfect- I'm a perfectionist.

Cost me £160 (cheapest quote was £80) but that was because he said if I wasn't 100% happy I wouldn't pay a penny.

No blending done, he didn't even have the car.

It's not always 'you get what you pay for' as I've got a mate up north who's very good (repairs seriously expensive cars for the a listers), he gets paid by his company even if he's not working on a car- so he'll do jobs for some extra cash in between the companies jobs in their bodyshop with their kit and quality materials. And this isn't uncommon at all- just finding them is hard!

Also panther black is an easy car to match- my good old bodyshop in Kent knows that- the amount of times they had my company car in lol.
i agree with what you say mate and i think the wording in all of this is " a good body shop" there are alot of bad ones around. someones recommendation of a place goes a long way. or in your case where the guy said no payment if you arent happy. they are the places to go lol. just be thankful its not a red car, thats gotta be one of the worst to match,
The Guv when you say up north anywhere near york ? I'm looking to have bodywork resprayed etc where needed.
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