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Bahrain GP Predictions - a bit of fun

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Who do you predict will be on the podium after tomorrow's Bahrain GP?

Bung your 1st, 2nd, 3rd place choices from the qualifying line up below :L

1 S Vettel Red Bull
2 F Massa Ferrari
3 F Alonso Ferrari
4 L Hamilton McLaren
5 N Rosberg Mercedes
6 M Webber Red Bull
7 M Schumacher Mercedes
8 J Button McLaren
9 R Kubica Renault
10 A Sutil Force India
11 R Barrichello Williams
12 V Liuzzi Force India
13 N Hulkenberg Williams
14 P de la Rosa BMW Sauber
15 S Buemi Toro Rosso
16 K Kobayashi BMW Sauber
17 V Petrov Renault
18 J Alguersuari Toro Rosso
19 T Glock Virgin
20 J Trulli Lotus
21 H Kovalainen Lotus
22 L di Grassi Virgin
23 B Senna Hispania
24 K Chandhok Hispania
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Me, I'd say it'll be:

1st Vettel
2nd Button
3rd Rosberg
1. N Rosberg Mercedes
2. R Barrichello Williams
3. L Hamilton McLaren

i also think one of the new teams will get a point
1 S Vettel Red Bull
2 F Alonso Ferrari
3 M Webber Red Bull
1 S Vettel Red Bull
2 F Alonso Ferrari
3 Massa Ferrari
Alonso, massa, rosberg
Damon Hill
Nigel Mansell
Stirling Moss
Marney said:
Damon Hill
Nigel Mansell
Stirling Moss
I don't think Stirling is fit enough for the race following his lift-shaft accident Marn, I hear Jackie Stewart's standing-in for him

Anyone else going to predict the top 3 before the race starts? After that predictions posted will be not that valid as it'd be like betting on a horse race after the gates open. lol
well i got one in the right place

not the best of races :confused: :yawn: :sad:
I am an F1 fan.
But i think its now less interesting than it was before. :yawn:
I am an F1 fan.
But i think its now less interesting than it was before. :yawn:
Probably think they all went a bit conservative with it being first race and new regs.

Hopefully will livel up a bit as season progresses
Well disappointing!...Lets hope the rest of the season isn't a save your engine, save your fuel and save the tyres procession like it was today!
even some of the teams are saying it
Martin Whitmarsh has said they need to tweak the rules for this years asap to help with the show
the german made me a tenner today

put £10 on him to finish in the top 6 at evens :L
The track didn't help matters - Bahrain is a dull racetrack. Australia should see some more action :L
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