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Bargin or not

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Hi all. Just picked up a 53plate estate LX 130bhp 6(speed) with one owner,full ford service history,silver colour,it has 137.000 on the clock.But it came with a boot problem the back door will not shut, it seems to me that the catch must be stuck in the open postion when i tried the swith on the dash you can here a slight noise from the steering colum ,i have had a serch on the site and hope its just a stickie soleniod.I managed to get a £100 off the price due to this fault. total price was £2895. I had a 90 mile drive home which was faultless i couldnt belive how much poke the car has for a diesel and it was a real joy to drive.The problem i have now is the car is parked in my street and i have locked it with the key fob ,I am worried that the car may have an alarm and the back door is still open and this could set the alarm off . What im asking is does the car come with a factory fitted alarm as i cannot find any other alarm on the car but it did say in the advert alarm

cheers all gavin
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yes they have alarm/immobiliser.. shouldnt go off unless the boot is either shut or opened whilest the alarm is active.. as i can fully lock mine with the bonnet open, its fine unless i touch the switch that the bonnet sits on then it alarms, i reckon ull be alllright
it normally the solenoid does it on mine from time to time ust give mine a tap with a hammer if you open boot tap the lock on the tailgate
could you tell me how to go about getting to the solenoid (im no machanic but i will have a go at any job)

cheers gav
if you open the boot and look on the tailgate you can see the lock take the plastic bit that surrounds the lock off and tap it with a hammer as it jams from time to time thats wot i did bud hop it works i believe the solenoid is in the tailgate next to the lock try tapping it first
Thanks alot i will let you know how i do tommrow
Mine occasionally goes too, just a quick tap will free it unless it's gone completely.
Did the job this morning had a look at the solunloid it wasnt looking good but a good clean and some silicone grease it works perfect.Thanks for all your help guys im shore i will be posting again
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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