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What’s the opinion of Halfauds for HiFi? Not Mondeo but need a basic head unit and speakers plus all the bits to install in my daughters car (Pug 106). Anywhere else I should look?

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P/t member jacks st of MEG as he sells all sorts of ICE at very reasonable prices :L

Or click the link
I've usually found that if I spot the item I'm interested in Halfords, if I then google the item I can generally find it significantly cheaper elsewhere. For cheap budget stuff they're probably reasonable but for better quality kit they always seem expensive.
Bit like maplins only buy stuff from there when its on sale.
Even then it is wise to check around, Even at half price you might still get it cheaper.
Thanks all.

Picked up a JVC headunit and JBL speakers plus facia and harness adapters for just over a ton. Looked around the web retrospectively - why do we do that??? - and yes could have saved a couple of quid on the bits but adding postage probably not. Plus walked out with everything in one bag and if, god forbid there’s something amiss then it’s only a few minutes back to the store.

Just need to fit it all at the weekend and a happy daughter, for a while anyway.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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