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Black eyed fogs

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Gulp after my accident i ended up having to re do my black eyes and halos now that there back on the car im gonna have a bash at my fog lights as they kinda look out of place just brought a spare set of the bay so at leas if it goes wrong iv got replacements so guys n gals wish me luck and if it works ill be posting some pics up in the gallary :)
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Good luck, :) glad you got your car sorted, still working on mine, after being rear-ended ( oo-er)
Good luck with it.
Nice to see some pics once they are done.
please post pics when done, i've been wanting to do my headlights blackeye but im afraid that the fogs would stand out of place and would have to do them too.

good luck :L
gavchard said:
i've been wanting to do my headlights blackeye but im afraid that the fogs would stand out of place and would have to do them too.

good luck :L
thats why i ended up doing mine... :)
don't wanna discourage anyone but they were an absolute nightmare to get the lenses off..! :nono: i broke 2 lenses but got them done in the end..well worth the effort i think..i know some people have managed it pretty easily without any breakages so maybe it was just my usual bull-in-a-chinashop approach..!!

good luck, rgds stu
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I broke a lense to when dong mine. The heating up trick that is used on the headlights didn't really seem to help when doing the fogs. I ended up using my extendable stanley knife to cut the sealent/glue away after I had prised them apart enough to get the blade in.

As sfstu says there a twat to do but look really good when done.

All I can suggest is just take your time with them and dont rush or get p1ssed off, which is easily done.

Good luck with it!
yeah the heating thing didn't work at all for me and couldn't get a blade into the groove enough.. :annoyed:
after i broke a couple, i ended up using a small cutting wheel in a dremel and actually cut away the new fog surround back part to get the glass away safely..!!! :angryfire:
i also used regular outdoor clear sealant that looked s*** and leaked after a month so then had to sweat to pull apart again, respray then use proper windscreen sealant (black)..!!!
as already said tho, well worth the effort as just doesn't look right with black eye headlights and silver fogs..!!
rgds stu
stu, you got a pic from further away?
like a full front side pic? :D
they look great, nice work!
never mind i found one on your photobucket :D

love it :)
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Looks smart.
Looks Fricking Sweet :)

Same colour car as mine too, thats going on my to do list!!
look looks sweeeet think it was yours i looked at b4 stu mind just dont look right with blackeyes n silver fogs best i put the bull in the pen that day cos there will be a fair amount of swearing going on lol but will post up what i get done thanks guys :)


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tonefiesta-you beat me to it...! :laugh:
mondeogirltdci-def worth doing but be very patient and very gentle..!! fog lenses are proper glass and the slightest bend or pressure in wrong place and they just crack...i didn't have much luck either with the heat method (was easy on headlights),the blade around the edge seems best but pls BE CAREFUL!!! :L
and use the right sealant too to save having to do redo them which i had to... :angryfire:
just waiting for the weather to warm up a little then def gonna spray front grill in satin black to match... :)
rgds stu
Looks awesome!
Hopefully will have them done in time for duxford :)
Have some facelift fogs on the way and will do black eyes in anticipation of getting a facelift bumper.

If (When) I crack the glass, where did those who also cracked it get replacement glass? Is it cheap enough from Ford or was it a breakers/eBay job?
i couldn't find anywhere that sold just the glass so had to buy a complete unit from ebay for about 30squids..? not OEM parts but very nice all the same and only used the glass from em anyway..?
just be very patient when doing them and you'll be fine..i know a couple of other people on here did it without breaking the glass so probably just me being heavy handed.. :shocked:
rgds stu
well done mate they look well cool :flipoff:
well we gave it ago and was really careful took nearly an hr n a half split all the selant split went to pull apart really gentle it was nearly apart and glass split down the middle :( just waiting a replacement one now then will have another go :)
sorry to hear that.. :tonofbricks:
thats pretty much exactly what happened to me..?! actually it happened twice..!
you'll get there and be well chuffed you did it.. :laugh:
rgds stu
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