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A busy saturday for me but well pleased.
First of a big thanks to all those who pointed me in the right direction for doing my black eyes, it realy is easy, started at 12 saturday sealed the lenses back on at 9pm, all fitted back by 10am sunday!.
Also thought i'l change the ford badges.
Put on a few "before & after" pics, nice to hear what you guys think.
Next stop some good alloys


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Smart mate, good job. Where do you get the red badges from ?
very nice mate probably the most effective mod on any mondeo is the black eye head lights .i like those badges to .
Thanks guys, i agree the black eyes make a big difference to the Mondeo, its cheap and easy (sealent and spray paint about £27)
As for the badges i got them from DMB Graphics, £13 for the 3


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well done mate looks sweet black eyes done perfect and theme badges look cracking, can you buy them in other colors? i would like them black on my white car
thanks....soooo glad i done the lights now :)
yeah the badges are in a load of colours, i thought cheap to, the quality is good as well, like they said can be used to replace the orginal badges or to go over them, i just stuck them on top of the orginal ones, perfect fit and simple
I'll second vouch for dmb graphics for the badges as i have them on mine too :D
I've always hated the ford logo with red... I think its down to personal taste, but the chrome writing over the carbon effect looks the mutts nuts on the website
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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