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Black Lexus rears

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Hi guys,

I'm looking to get some black lexus rear lights for my 200. I've seen some that appear to have clear lenses and a black housing and others that appear to have a tinted lense as well as the black housing, are they all the same? Have people just tinted their lights?

Any help/ pics would be muchly appreciated!

Thanks Chris
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There's 3 types of Lexus lights available for the Mk2

- Clear
- Black (clear lense, black housing)
- Smoked

Smoked are still more expensive than the black ones, but look so much better IMO.
I got my smoked ones off eBay for £40ish as he used a crap pic and I emailed him for more pics.

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Thanks Marney,

Definately the smoked versions i want.
Must say your car looks Awesome! Fair play to you.

Cheers Chris, much appreciated.

Worth the wait/extra cash for the smoked ones :L
Chrome ones only go well on white and silver Mondeos IMO, and black ones just dont do anything for me.
Has there ever been any made like this but for the saloons?

I have black eye headlights and would have liked to do something with the rears.
No aftermarket lights made for the saloon I'm afraid. A few have modded their rear lights by colour coding the top part so it changes the shape of them

Check out MScotts' ltd saloon in that link for what I mean :L
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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