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Hi all,

i have recently got an issue with my radio unit in my mk4 2.5L tit x Mondao. i have the Blaupunkt NX unit.

the unit no longer powers on so the screen stays dark when the system is powered on. i now only have the trip controls and the settings on my convers+ dash. the unit was working perfectly a couple of weeks ago.

i have checked the fuses for the unit in the fuse box and all appear to be fine. i thought that the fuses may have gone in the back of the radio but having just checked, there is power going to the unit as the nav disk spins up when i power the car on.

i have tried disconnecting the battery for 10 mins but resulted in no change.

i have ordered some keys so i can take the unit out to check the power to the radio but as power is going to the disk drive, i don't think it is a power issue

its a bit of a pain as all the climate controls are built into the unit also

any ideas?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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