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bleeding brakes and abs

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hello im about to do some brake work and reading thru the haynes manual it says about needing a ford diag tool to bleed the abs.... i am changing the flexibles and was planning to do a complete fluid change i will not be touching the abs i will be using a pressurised bleeding tool i was going to bleed all four brakes and the clutch if i can get to it so is this going to leave the abs with either old brake fluid or air in the system if ive not got this diagnostic tool .... which leads on to the question if i get myself a ford diagnostic tool off eblah 50 squidsish will this be able to do the job of a no doubt expensive visit to frauds or should i book it in to have the system bled again after ive done my bit to change the fluid in the abs.... hope this makes sense to someone who can enlighten me with their wisdom many thanks
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