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Hello all, I'm new to this but I'll ask all the same, im hoping that someone on here can shed some light on what to do next, any help will be really appreciated. TIA.
I have an 2008 s max, it was originally fitted with a basic 6000cd system, it did have bluetooth with voice. The bluetooth module began with a 7 an the letters were AE, I can get this number if its important later on.
When my stereo malfunctioned I replaced it with a black 6000cd with dab and 6 disc . It is a 2010-2013 model, it works fine, connects to the bluetooth module without errors and I can use voice commands and my phone makes n receives calls faultlessly.
I saw the articles on bluetooth streaming and decided to go for it.
I acquired a 8m5t-19c112-AR complete with usb lead.
I have installed the bluetooth module, it did not require the software update because my phone was able to pair and connect to it.
I can stream and the stereo shows the track info....however....there is no sound through the speakers.
If I try to call anyone, the phone rings out, the call connects but I hear nothing through the speakers, no dialing out, no voice when call is answered.
My voice input on the stalk, when pressed activates but doesn't hear anything I shout at it.
I understand that there have been plugs discussed with 8 pins, 29 pins, with 4 wires looped, 8 wires looped, the 3 wires on the audio chopped and reassigned and the talk of new pins for connectors etc etc.
I'm at a loss now as I don't actually know which bit of information is actually relevant to my particular issue.
I did pull a connector out earlier today from behind the glovebox....6G9T-19A391, it is grey in colour 8 pins with on 2 wires looped over, this only uses 4 pins. I'm unsure if this is part of the problem.
I can provide a photo if required if it would help.
Just in passing ...the line in on the car, still functions and outputs sound through the car speakers when I select 'line in' on the stereo and insert a jack plug in aux jack with other end of lead from my phone or mp3 player to the playing the music.
I do hope someone can point me in the right direction.
Thanks for reading.
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