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bluetooth set up / storing radio channels

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Hi can anybody tell me how to set up my bluetooth ive tried but had no luck at all, not sure if my phone will work its a nokia 6301, and could you tell me how to store the radio channels still learning thanks in advance , also does anyone know if the drivers seat is heated in the titanium i know its electric but dont think its heated .
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i presume your radio has the phone facility?

To tune your radio, select waveband, tune in, then press and hold the button 1 - 10 (wherever you want it), it will mute and when sound is restored it has stored it.

For your phone activate the BT bluetooth on the unit and clear any previous ones.
I presume the Nokia has bluetooth, go to settings, turn bluetooth on, on VISIBILITY - show phone, then MY DEVICES, and add it should search, that should do it.

Re your heated seat it should have two switches on the console in front of the gearstick, if not then you haven't.
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