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Boot release connector help

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After a recent post regarding fitting a boot release switch I was told I should have the connector behind the dash. Iv just had a good look and only found a wire attached the the back of the little hole where the heated seats switch should be. Is this for the heated seats or the boot release. Iv tried fitting it into the slot on the back of the blanking plate where the boot release switch would be but it's slightly different.

Any ideas guys. Thanks,

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if you can wait until tomorrow, i currently have the whole centre console apart so can take pics of what oyu want

although i see yours is the faelift so the wiring is going to be differnt :(
That would be great thanks as the connector might be the same

left to right you've got:

pink - passenger seat heater plug
brown - drivers seat heater plug
green - boot release switch
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Thanks for that only problem is it doesn't look anything like those. I will post a pic at weekend
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