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Both Headlights went out at the same time!!

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both my headlight dipped beams went at the same time the week before xmas.The front fogs and main beam still work. I checked the fuses then fitted 2 new bulbs. but still they didnt work.
Naturally i used my wifes car as she only goes out during the day. :}
After xmas i checked relays and even swapped the dial switch with one from my mates car but still they didnt work so i decided to go out and then call the AA to come to my rescue.
Would you believe it as i'm telling the woman on the phone "My headlights dont work" the bloody things come on! "WOW your good" i say and thank the girl for fixing my lights :}

They worked fine for the next 6 weeks until a few weeks ago when they packed up again :angryfire:

now been through everythiing again but still no joy

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could be the relay that powers the lights, also there is a few other fuses that also feed the headlight switch with power that may have blown so its not triggering the relay etc.

may also be a dodgy wire anywhere in the system too.

basically try the simple stuff 1st like swapping the relay out for a similar one nearby & see if the problem sorts itself, if it does buy a new relay & your sorted, if not move onto the next thing ( fuses ( all of em ) & switch etc )

then after that its a long drawn out task of testing each stage of the system with a multimeter or similar testing device ( a couple of bits of wire attached to a working bulb will do inplace of proper testing gear if you dont have a multimeter :L )
also see the WIKI ( see link at top of near enough every page on here :L ) for fuse info & relay info :)
A lad I used to work with had a very similar problem on his nova. It turned out to be a wire rubbing and shorting out to body panel. When driving sometimes they would go out and after hitting bumps in road they would come back. Sometimes they worked for weeks before going off again. Took ages to trace it as the outer casing was only slightly worn
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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