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Bought a new IMRC

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Hi guys, I have bought a new IMRC unit and being newb I was wondering do I really need to take off the the inlet manifold to change it? And how far does the cable go back?

It might be obvious I know, but is there is a way without doing all that? It would be great so I dont have to play about with gaskets and stuff.

I did look in the wiki and search, but could not find anything on actually changing the unit. Plenty about transistors which has already been done twice lol.

Thanks for any help.
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You dont have to take the inlet off at all.. heres roughly how I changed mine

- Disconnect battery *better safe than sorry!*
- Remove airbox and rubber bellows (jubilee clips) Ensure all wiring multiplugs are taken out safely
- Remove throttle cable and bracket
- Remove thorttle body

Then you should be able to get to where the cable on the IMRC goes to, carefully remove the clip and then swap for the new one.

Sounds a bit vague I know but its obvious when you're doing it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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