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BP Ultimate Diesel

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Used this in the TDCI130 for the last fill up - weas surprised to find the car more responsive and less smoke on acceleration. the other thing I noticed was that the car would run at 30mph in fourth previously it did not like it all.

We usually use Tesco diesel because of the bio ethanol content has anyone had any issue with this?

I have always (wellnearly) used super in the MINI Cooper and it just feels better especially with Tesco 99 RON! But I was surprised the same with the diesel.

Anyone else found these things.
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About 5p more per litre - so not cheap - but it is much smoother.

I used to think all diesels were the same but now I realise like petrol sometimes ya pay your money and takes your choice.

I feel the TDCI 6 speed is too highly geared as at 30 the car is doing less than 1500 revs in 4th and with Tesco's it just does not like it - with the ultimate it is much nicer.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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