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Brake disc help

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Hi all, my first post here after lurking for a few months.

I have the mk2 and the braking seems to be geting worse. The front discs after a short journey are very very hot, yet the rear discs are luke warm.

Any idea on the temps? and could this be related to the reducing performance?

Plenty of pad left all rond.


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Could be calipers sticking, or the discs may be warped, pads could be contaminated with grease etc.
you do know that the fronts have to do alot more work than the rears? :ponder:
as mentioned above it may be a sticking slider on the caliper or even a sticking piston in the caliper. either will involve removing the wheel and pads and give it all a good clean and apply copperslip grease to the sliding parts of the caliper taking care not to contaminate the disc or pads
oh and welcome to meg
Thanks for the replies.

On closer inspection the discs look a little thin, maybe thats contributing to the 2 problems?

Im aware that the fronts do more work than the rear but i only have to do a mile with minimum braking and they are to hot to touch.

Its the stopping from speed that worries me the most as i can hear a noise from the drivers side that sounds like a fast succession of stop/start creaking, getting worse as the brakes get under more load.

ye sounds like a prob, have the discs cracked on the inside? maybe a bit of crud in there too? :)
New discs turned up today, i did a rough measurment, and the discs are about 15mm thick, ( book says min 22).

Not had time to look proper but im off on friday so new ones are going on and ill get a true picture of how the old ones are.
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