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brake grind

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hi all
just after some advice from somebody
the problem is my front brakes on my mondeo 1.8 zetec w reg
when im going really slow i mean about 5mph and coming to a stop i get a grind is the best way to discribe it
ive changed the pads at the front the disks look to be fine just chiped the rust of from the rims
but still have the problem
it dont do it when i use the brake at speed
any ideas would be great
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is your abs light flashing or anything?sounds like the abs is cutting in?not too sure on that, but if it were me id have to have the brakes off for a look to see if anything was caught or sticking piston. :)
no there is no abs light flashing but its funny because it dont do it every time
are they cheap pads buy any chance ive had problems simalar to this changed disks and all sorts turned out wrong grade of pads mine were to hard thought i was saving myself a few quid and ended up spending more always sounded like the pads needed changed but worth checking the obviouse grit or anything traped im sure you cleaned all the rust deposits away etc did you put copper grease on the contact edges?
it was doing before i changed the pads thats why i changed them but still doing the same
i got the rust off and put copper grease on the parts that needs it but stll no luck
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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