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Brake Pad Confusion

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Which pads do i need for:

MkIII 54 plate, 2.0 TDCi Zetec S (130) Mondeo Hatchback?

The mintex site only has pads for the estate version. Does this matter?
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Depends if your looking for front or rears.

The fronts are the same across the board
But the rears do change
yeh there the same mate....rear pads changed in 06
taxman said:
yeh there the same mate....rear pads changed in 06
Late 04-05 they changed, as mine is a 2005 and got the later brake pads fitted
They did change in 04 for the rears only.

You need to check the calipers and do a visual of the type of pad.
Early pads upto 04 had an oval location in the caliper.
Later pads after 04 had a square location in the caliper,with an additional spring slider/locator in the caliper.
You are best checking visually which you have,because even tho they did change the caliper type,you could have either with your car being a 54 reg.

These are the pads for 2004 onwards THESE

These are the pads for 2001 to 2004 THESE
ok im going to give you a piece of foolproof advice .take out the rear set of pads and block the caliper cylinder with a piece of timber or other similar material so it cant come out too far .then if your doing the front pads aswell do the same there. Now you have both sets of pads out in your hands bring them with you to a good motor factors or preferably to a ford main dealer and ask for a set matching each .bring home and refit new ones as reverse of taking old ones ,s
Yours are the earlier ones - you can clearly see the metal loop in brakerear2.

As a confirmation, the brake pads changed from build code 4Y, so you can double-check against your VIN.


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:thumbup: yeh you right mate..these were much better than earlier pads..seizing on and so forth
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