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Brake pipes and bushes

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Hi again folks,

Couple of wee silly questions for you if you don't mind. :D

Advisory note on the new Mondey's MOT for "main brake pipe" and also a free inspection with large national chain (not sure if I can say who here!) indicated rear brake pipes dangerously corroded. Personally I think that lot are taking the P coz it was the most expensive thing on the list they gave me of stuff wrong with the car and how did the pipes get from MOT standard to dangerous in 2 months? Then again, don't really know alot, so erm, is it possible? My local independant garage can't fit me in til this time next week. So meantime, and apologies for my naivety here, but where exactly are the brake pipes on a Mondey and what do they look like? Want to have a nosey myself and make my own mind up. Was also told by above national chain that the pipes had to be tailor made to fit the car, that there are no off the shelf parts - that true or still taking the P? Finally, on the brake pipe front, can the brake pipes be fitted off a scrappy car if in good condition and in any case, what's my likely cost for this? Don't mind spending the money coz I absolutely adore this car.

Last question for now - polyurethane wishbone bushes, any of you guys use them and know where to get them for a Mondeo? Been confirmed by 2 garages that they will be needed soon on the front.

Thanks folks. :D
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If your having new brake pipes, invest in braided ones :L
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