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brake temperature - is this normal?

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I have a 2.0 Petrol Mondeo Mk3 and have recently had a caliper changed that was sticking and causing the disc to get extremely hot.

Now the disc (n/s/r) is not getting hot AT ALL under normal driving. I can quite easily touch the disc after a 20 mile trip (normal driving with no heavy braking).

The other side is too hot to touch though (getting MUCH hotter than it was before the oposite side has a new caliper). Also had new handbrake cables and pads fitted at the same time on both sides.

I have also noticed my front discs are getting VERY hot under normal driving.

Can I expect my discs to get too hot to touch without any heavy braking or has it been set up wrong by the garage?

Maybe I should also mention that since the new caliper was fitted (n/s/r) the car seems to be pulling to the left. I would have thought it should pull to the right of the o/s/r is now sticking?
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Pop into an MOT station & explain you recently had the brakes done & dont think they did they properly they can pop the car onto the rollers & run a brake test.
Might have to give them a drink for doing it, They might do it for free if they are quiet.

Or a local fast fit centre who do free brake tests, Warning they may say your new brakes are worn out though...
Yep there's always that option but as I have already had the brakes done I don't want to be paying twice.

Just wondered how hot the brakes should really get all round - too hot to touch (normal driving with no heavy braking) or just warm?
the front brakes should get hot to the touch, or too hot to touch depending on what you've been doing, as that's what brakes do, turn rotationaly energy into heat energy via friction

the rears do less work so they don't get as hot

you can by temprature gauges from the likes of maplins etc for a tenner that you point to the thing youwant to measure, rpess the button, and it gives you a temprature reading via a laser beam so it might be the best investment rather than spending a few quid to find out there's nothing wrong

if one side is substantially hotter than the toher it may point to the other side either not being as efficient or one side working much harder

i can tell you for free though that the rear brakes on my estate, even though they have been done recently and i've deglazed the pads and everyting else, still do hardly any work at all, although this may be because the fronts do so much work instead :} but the fronts are warm to the touch and the rears are like 5 minute old toast to the touch

i'll go out and get some readings later today if you want to wait for them ;)
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Might not have bled the system properly, So one wheel may not be braking at all.

Better to find out now than after an accident or the next MOT when its too late to claim the work was not done properly.

The longer you leave it the less chance of getting it fixed for free.
Thanks for your comments. I know the brakes should get warm but too hot to touch after normal driving and not being heavy on the brakes doesn't seem right to me.

Car is now back with the garage after I rang him to ask about the temp and differences. He's said the back one that has the new caliper is working even though it's not getting warm and this is perfectly normal. Reckons the other side will require a new caliper though which to be fair, I expected.

He also said that the fronts are normal to get that hot (too hot to touch) and that there are rarely problems with the front brakes on Mondys.

When I pick the car up later he's said he will put it on the brake test machine so I can see what's happening myself so can't say fairer than that.

Just a little concerned that the new caliper doesn't generate any heat to speak of.
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jack the car up and spin the wheel if the 1 brake is binding it will stop quicker than the other side.
if thats ok get someone to press the foot brake and try and turn the wheel.
although from experience a hot rear brake is a sticking one
Does soud like brake imbalancement tbh i had this with my mondy last yr both brakes should feel warm to touch after a trip like you done if after 60miles of hard braking they should both feel the same if one is cold it clearly doesnt work :( try a simple emergency stop test on a straight rd if it pulls to one side is another tell tail sign
but a word of warning dont carry on driving for miles n miles without having them re checked because i had 3 sets of discs on mine within 6 months resulting in a warped hub bearing :(
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