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i had about 30% difference between my rear left and right

left side was lowest

got another left calliper, and thinking this was solved now, but after testing its still 24% difference

could it be instead a problem with the right side ?
that right have simply too much pressure?
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Did you clean up the replacement caliper before fitting? Assuming it's not a new part.
no just fitted the replacement part
only turned the piston a couple of times

anyway i replaced the other one (right)

now the left one braked more/sooner then the right one
but on full braking he finished about the same pressure

but now it passed the spanish equivelant of the mot

thanks anyway
ps. whats possible to clean on them that might help?
where the sliding part of the caliper come into contact with each other. use a copperslip type grease but avoid getting it on the pads and discs
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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