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Brembo caliper covers

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Hi guys, i was thinking about painting my calipers then i saw these Brembo covers on ebay which glue to your calipers. Do you think this is dangerous?

Brembo Covers Link

Made with ABS High Quality Plastic and a No Melt Guarantee !!!
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well they cud alway come off and rip a brake flexi, paint them get a good finish,
i cheated and got some brembo stickers off ebay and put them on my calipers, effective get people looking twice lol
i might have to get some of these to match my front REAL brembos,

i would think they would look good behind some nice alloys :L
There was an ST220 at Ford Fair with them on last year, they're too shiney really. I wouldn't get the red ones as they're obvious fakes, may get away with the black or yellow ones IMO.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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