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Busy Weekend

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Got a busy weekend fitting poly arb bushes, black eye lights and decat.


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Well hope the weather stays fine for you.

Nothing better than a sh1t week at work to relax modding the car all weekend.
Good luck, and hope the weather stays good for you.
I am working on the weekend (but not today), so am spraying some air vents in the bathroom, while my other half is at work lol
yeah hope the weather is good for you, and all good men working on Mondeos this weekend ;)

solder and relocate IMRC for me on the driveway, not the best job to do in the rain

I'm one of the lucky ones have an underground car park to work in :content:
Also may be producing carbon rear btcc spoilers and front spliters for MK1,2,3 as i have sourced the original moulds from prodrive
what do the Mk2 front/rears look like please?

Pics of the front splitter and rear spoiler will be made from Carbon Fibre to suit all 3 models of mondeo...


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love the front splitter, how does it fix to the ST24 RSAP front bumper? or does it only fit mk2 standard front bumper?


Will fit to standard bumpers only..But may make some specials to order..
Black eyes done was thinking of having chrome grill surround painted satin black any feedback would be great...


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leave the chrome alone and find a different grille to play with if you feel the ruge to go fiddling :)

are you the same chap as the other chap on another forum doing bits and bobs from alloy?

if so "hello :) "

if not "oops"

No different guy lol but will be making things from Carbon Fibre, i have a mate who does all my fab work.
TBH I did my old grill surround satin black and it looked crap. The car was medium steel blue and didn't suite the black at all, and that had black eyes and a modded bottom grill. I just didn't think it looked right.

Think yours looks spot on as it is. Maybe black eye the fogs and bottom grill?

Lucky to having the nice shelter of a underground car park, next thing on my wish list is a house with a garage lol
New seats and harnesses are in....Bring on the track days...


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how'd everyone's mod day go?

my IMRC relocation couldn't have gone much better (a nice change to the norm)

Great ta, just got poly bushes to do tomorrow. Decat went on a treat.
Thats enough messing around with the car for the weekend all mods done.. Next poly subframe bushes.
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