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Buying an ST220

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First post and all that! I'm after an ST220. I don't really have a budget well I do its 7K max but I keep telling myself I'll break that and go to 8 for the right car.

I'd rather get a pre March 06 is it? for the tax. Especailly as now petrol price look to be going up again.

However my problem is I know virtually nothing about cars, yeah I can top up the coolent and change the oil. I've looked at a few 220s and generally they have all been great. Which is my experiance with Mondeos. I've discounted a couple which have had zero service history altough they were priced accordingly. I've seen one on ebay which said it was serviced every 5k and another one I looked at which was more like every 10-12k. What sort of figue should I be looking for? Are there any problems specific to the ST I should be looking out for?

Cheers for any help!

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I dont know much about them, i do know i like them in black, and with red leather and a saloon like this one :)

As long as it was registered before 23 march 06, then as of april the tax will be £245. If it was registered after that date it shoots up to £425.
I got my ST220 3 weeks ago, i traded my ST-TDCI for it.

Have to say the car is awesome and just really nice, it was 5 years since i sold my last V6 and am really glad to be back in one.

Even if the fuel gauge cannot seem to stop moving so much.
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