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I have a C-Max 1.6 TDCI 2012 with the DV6C engine. I sometimes have problems with it hesitating/misfiring at full throttle when the engine is at working temperature, never cold. A couple of times it has gone into limp mode and the engine light have comes on - always directly after a hesitation/misfire. If I pull over, switch off the ignition and wait a while, it will normally works again if I do not drive at full throttle.

EGR is cleaned and I just changed the diesel filter.

Today I started Forscan and there were some error codes. I deleted them and took the car for a drive.

When I checked the error codes again, it looked like this:


So it seems that P0135 indicates problems with the one of the O2 sensors. I have checked the fuse and it is ok.

So to my question (Can't find the answer anywhere?!). Where is the O2 sensor located on this engine? Is it the sensors with blue cables below on the DPF or further back on the exhaust?


Any other ideas?

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I can't speak for your exact engine but the Lambda (o2) sensor will be on the exhaust, they usually cost around £25 and are simple enough to replace if you can get good access. Sometimes they are really fkin tight due to the heat from the exhaust seizing the sensor in.

The 1.6 TDCI is used in quite a few other ford models so it should be fairly easy to find an online video of someone replacing it if you need the exact location.
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