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Hi - I suspect I know the answer to this already, but hoping I'm wrong....

I've just purchased a 2014 S-Max with standard 16" alloys.

I have a set of 15 spoke 17" alloys from our Grand C-Max.

I'm wondering if I can use the slightly larger C-Max alloys on our S-Max?

As the two cars are based on different chassis, and the S-Max obviously weighs more, I suspect that he C-Max alloys might not be up to the job, or too narrow?

Anyhow, I think the 17" alloys look a load better, so would be great if I could use them on the S-Max.

I've been searching here, across google and can't much info... other than a few people using Focus alloys on a Mondeo...

Any info greatly appreciated!

Many thanks
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