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anybody now anything about the citroen c5 110 diesel engine mods or anything just bought one as a second motor cheers peeps :eek13:
its an 02 plate
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they used to call it the dancing car when they first came out (still do on the first models) you could park it up and watch the car move whilst the suspension settled down it could take up to half hour? plus they was problems with the hand brake the car used to roll away even when the hand brake was fully on. engines are fine same as what was in my pug 406, just keep up with the oil and fillters like any other car
I have a xantia 110 hdi,same car but c5 was rebodied.

Yeah, the handbrake is on the FRONT wheels! so if you've been working the front brakes, the theory was that if they were hot,you park up,handbrake on,brake disks cool down and contract and...the car rolls away.

Great engine,feels like it will pull a 40 foot trailer and an easy license loser.
Brake disks seem to wear quite quickly.
Usual french electrical glitches.
Easier than a mondy for a diy er to change the clutch,me and my mate took a weekend to do it.
Great in deep snow, raise the suspension into Landrover mode and drive round everyone!
Suspension spheres need replacing every few years,5?, raise and lower the car fully every week to keep it happy.
I'm well impressed with mine and i've shyed away from French stuff for the last 20 years lol.

Plenty info here and they know all things citroen/French:

Frenchcarforum \ C5 etc
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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