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My rear offside break gets hot and smelly, after a few looks on here it seems it could be the calphers or hand break cable, after a look i feel it could be a faulty cable, when the hand braek is relesed the cable dont go back enough and the breaks are on slightly, with a pair of grips i just pulled the part that the cable sits in back a bit and the hub spins freely, hand break on again and the same, pull it with grips and fine, i can see the piston in the calipers working so i guess these are ok, the other wheel rubs a bit and the cable goes back further.
Is this a sign of worn cables or badly adjusted hand break?
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My rear wheel wasn't hot and smelly, but I did notice the car did feel retarded slightly. In the end I got the caliper and cable replaced. Soooooooo much better now.

Remove the cable from the caliper arms & get someone to operate the lever whilst you hold the cable. It should move smoothly, Try operating the arms with the cables disconnected they should return freely.
The thread linked below is worth a read and also read what I have wrote on it as well, it may help.
gave the leakage that the hand break cable connects to a good clean up and about a gallon of wd40!, all works ok with plenty of free movement, so it seems as if all is working as it should (by pulling on the said leakage you can just make out the breaks working and the piston moving, but it dont go back as far as what looks like a stop...not sure on this). went for a good run today and after parking up went to touch the wheels and glad to say were cold!!, so i think things could be ok, as before they were hot and smelly.
After read about this on here i'm guessing this is only a temp repair, so i guess it would be wise to start saving for some new calipers and hand break cable?
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