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2019 s max Ecoblue 2L TDI new engine! looking into cm belt change. So visited my Ford dealer. Its a wet belt. Dealer says recommened change is 144,000 miles. I plan on doing earlier maybe 120,000 he advise changing Cam belt cover also as this will get bent removing. Advise is to get ford sealent for the new cover also. It was also discussed maybe also worth changing the oil pump belt which is in the sump. They have seen a few issues. If this is to be done best to change sump pan/tray cover as it will get bent removing. Cam belt is 4hrs i gues another 1.5hrs for the oil pump belt and tray cover work. so labour total about 5.5hrs which i think is about right. Looking for advice from a genuine Ford guy who has done this work. What miles should i do the cam belt at?
should i do the oil pump belt at this point also? anything else i should do. Seen as its a wet belt i think best to get ford to do the work. Wet belts on fords are a dodge proposition for a none ford mechanic. Im in Ireland lots of cowboys around. thanks for advice.
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