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can drive with 4 wheel nuts

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as title says. i have 18" wheels and have a broken locking nut. is it ok to drive 4 a few days with 4 nuts till i get a new 1
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Er, i Wouldn't mate... not worth the risk, the wheel will come off.

Also the wheel will vibrate because you will not be able to tighten it square to the hub.

Has the head snapped off the bolt?
the stud is fine. when i had the space saver on i just put a steel wheel nut on so it was fine but the alloys need a tapered nut so the flat steel one wont fit
If thats what you gotta do then do so lol! Mk2 have 4 studs and are fine but the balance maybe an issue!

If i was you I would run it but keep to short and miminal distances, LOW speeds and check the nuts very often. If its a front nut thats gone, steal 1 of the back and Also.... DONT run unless you have to!

Y cant you use the spare in the mean time though ?
I drove as mk2 with only 2 studs once!

I had not checked the studs on the the car after buying it, and found out it only had two after a front end wobble on the motorway, followed by a blow out and the car deciding it wanted to veer left :}

As for four studs, yes you can, as you will still be able to form a well tightened 'triangle' plus one other stud.

Its not recommended, but it will be OK for short distances at low speed, and as long as you don't forget, and start to do any heavy cornering :)

As for the few days day would be better!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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