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Can Radio be muted?

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I have one of the bluetooth combined radio sat nav systems which works fine. Obv I have to have the system switched on so my phone will work via bluetooth, but this seems to mean that I have to have the radio or other item on aswell. Other than turning the volume down to zero, is there any other way of muting the radio?
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Switch to Phone when you need to mute the radio.

Woohoo my first post :)
Thanks for your reply but this is wrong. If you switch the unit on, the radio comes one, if you press the phone button you can still hear the radio, also if you switch to map view the radio is still on.

Is it possible to switch the radio off and still have the other features on?
doesnt the radio mute when someone rings you or you dial out?

are you connected via Bluetooth? (radio unit to phone, "paired")
Yes thanks all paired OK and works fine, radio cuts out when making/receiving a call just sometimes you dont want the radio on where you're not on the phone but need the unit switched on so the bluetooth works etc or maybe just want the map view on.
Sorry, didnt realise that having the build in satnav option would make a difference.

I miss having the steering wheel accessed mute button that my old Laguna had, handy when you need to quickly kill the sound to speak to someone. Hitting the Phone button mutes the sound on my Titanium with the 6CD sony radio.

It is annoying that the radio must always be on for the BT to work, I would have preferred a separately powered unit.
Does pairing the phone with the radio on then turning the radio off work ?
You can't turn the radio off without turning the whole thing off as far as I know.
True. BT depends 100% on radio HU. If radio was turned off, BT turns off as well.
yup, no way to turn radio off other than turning volume down to zero!
massive oversight i think!
I would think it would be a waist of duplicate effort and components to have BT separate to the ICE, and you probably would get the same audio quality.

To be honest I've not missed a mute button, as there wasnt one om my prevoous mondeos, I've simply turend the volume down to speak with someon in the car, though I dont think I've had the volume that high with company in the car to have any need turn it down. Oh I didnt have BT in the cars either.

However, I think in this instance and you've probably done this, if you've nothing connected to AUX hit that providing your not experiencing extrenuous noises on this as some have when nothing is connected to AUX.
Sorry about the spooling mistookes above, I really must re read my posts.

ReArch, did your Lagua have BT and/or was your phone conected to ICE?

I can see a need for a Mute button if they were not connected.
If I want to mute the stereo, I change the input to AUX. Not ideal, but it works as long as there isn't a source plugged into the AUX that is.

Mind you, my input volume from the AUX is so low that it would hardly matter if my IPOD was playing :shocked:
I had a Parrot BT phone kit installed on the Laguna it did mute the radio when on the phone automatically.

The radio itself had a volume mute button which I found handy when pulling up to say a gate where you had to talk to the security guard or even McDs drive through. I could open the window with my right hand while the other hand still holding the steering wheel could press the radio volume mute button. Easy :)

The Mondeo needs both hands to leave the steering wheel, first look left and press the 'Phone' button to mute the radio then back to hold the wheel. Next look right to find the correct window button then press it with the right hand to open. Its not as fluid...

Off topic: I hate the location of the window buttons for the driver, they are half hidden under the door handle! I find them awkward, poor design IMO.
One could always turn down the volume using the steering wheel controls - that should prevent you having to look left and right with both hands off the steering wheel! :)
:) true...

Ahh :idea: then I wouldnt be able hear the person who rang the phone while I was talking to Security who opens the barrier :D
On my 2008 Mk4, holding down the "M" button in the middle of the steering wheel left control pad switches from the radio to AUX thereby muting the radio. Holding down the "M" button again returns to the radio.
Using the Mode button and depending how long you press it, only serves to change preset, or change mode if pressed long enough. Its quicker to hit the 'phone' button on the radio as the hand book suggests, whch simply puts the phone into phone mode and pressing the button again returns to the previous mode/programe. Mind you if I have to honest, I usually simply spin the volume control in the split second I decide to turn audio off.

The most I use the Mode button for is to cancel traffic announcements, a feature not mentioned in the handbook and also omitted in the Mk3 book too.
My reply was to the previous comment:

I could open the window with my right hand while the other hand still holding the steering wheel could press the radio volume mute button.
Using the "M" button means you can use your right hand to open the window and at the same time mute the radio on the Mondeo whilst driving :driving: .
I appreciate that Joe.

But dont you find that if your on rado, you change preset by hitting the mode button, and if I hold it 'on' to change mode, it goes to CD then AUX. By the time I've done this, I could have spun the volume. I gues it prefference.

If I happen to have the CD on Motorcycle Emptiness by the Manic Street Preachers, as I pass from radio to AUX I may rather listen to this and turn the volume up :rocker: :)
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