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This one'd got my head scratching...

I had the front jacked up the other day to check over my shiny new 52 plate 1.8 and while I was giving it the once over I thought I'd run the engine for a moment to check vacuums etc.

Then to my surprise, both wheels started spinning. Definitely in neutral, and just with the cold idling revs of the engine.

It's not enough to pull the car forward when driving (I live in Norfolk so the roads are flat enough to sit at the lights in neutral if you're too lazy to use the brakes) so there's clearly not a great deal of power going there, but there's some.

So... there's the question. How is power getting to the final drive when in neutral?

(My pet theory is that because the car is 100k miles, maybe the transmission fluid is old and there's some friction between the main/counter shaft drives of the gear box? It seems elaborate but it's all I've got so far.....)

here's a video of what's going on...
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