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Car Diagnosed at Delphi Agent, Price OK?

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Just thought i'd let you all know how i got on at DTM Fuels at bristol. The spent 2 hours looking at/diagnosing my car, they came back with 3 fault codes and a leak off kit which contained very different fuel levels in each bottle. They say that 3 out of 4 injectors are [email protected]@ked and need an overhaul but i might aswell get the 4 done. along with that they want to change the metal pipes that go to the injectors and the fuel filter for an original delphi filter. this, with a re-code after is a pricely £704.50 PLUS VAT. £827.79. Any thoughts on this price? they seemed to know what they were talking about. summary
injector overhaul £120 each +vat
re-code £45 +vat
pipes £92 +vat (????)
filter £27 +vat
labour £55.00 +vat
environmental disposal charge £5.50 +vat


thanks for any advice

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Yeah ive seen them before on ebay. Just bit worried with sending to a non delphi agent as people have had a few probs with injectors after having them done, want it right... maybe worth a phone call though
Leemutz true...£100 extra for peace of mind getting it done at DMP would get my vote to tell the truth and £55 labour is'nt bad at all. At least if theres a problem you know where to go back to but judging by the website DMF look a quality outfit.
Yeah i was well impressed with the premises, massive warehouse with delphi and bosch splattered everywhere, clean workshop and waiting room.. and certificates going back to 1993 so theres experience there...
I was quoted £400 (ish, maybe plus vat) for 4 refurbs and recode as reqd by swad diesels (hes got a £47K delphi rig to pay for he said)

as for experience swad were doing it when i was a boy.....
yeah i heard you say that the other day, i phoned them and for a refurb and recose with a new fuel filter was £600 + vat. bit of a difference eh..?
I'd go with the cheapest. They will fit the same parts, but nice big premises have to be paid for! ;-)

Also as I've discovered - being a Delphi dealer doesn't necessarily mean you'll get the best service.
hmm just done some homework, they quoted 96 quid plus vat for the pipes, i can buy them from ford for 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is about £600 less than Fraud will charge you! The pipes are needed as they are a crush fit and not designed to be reused. £96 is a bit steep though, get the ford ones and tell them to use those instead.
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