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Car is Alive again but now...High

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the car is alive again :woot: but now running at high rpms (revs) 200 at idle so can i fix this?

Thank you
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200, i think you're missing a 0 on the end :p

Did you or anyone working on it increase the fueling or turbo boast?

There are some idle adjusters on the front by the throttle (not sure if that's the correct term on a derv) there is also the warm temperature idle adjuster which is the long black thing with two moving end caps that allow you to adjust it.

Glad to hear you've got it running, top job!
bet your pleasd you never got rid of the car :driving: you should be able to slow the revs down ok just use the adjustmant screws on the pump and loosen the throtle cable down so thers plenty of play best to do this when the car is running at its normel running temp.there are some photos off the srews on another topic about turning up the revs and boost?sorry i do not no how to put itin this reply!i can right on my little finger nail how much i no about computers :confused:
will give that a go but.... now fill the water tank with clean water and aint freeze and when i take the car round the block then look into the tank it turns black???
Sounds like the coolant is contaminated. It's not oil sitting on top of the coolant is it? I would flush the entire system a few times, and keep a close eye on the oil level.
i would flush it the same as marty1979 was saying in his post,if the head gasket went then every thing would mix together,bang the hose pipe in the top pipe of the rad and flush then do it from the this till the water runs clean. then fill it with water and antifreez job done :L
thanks, going to to do tomorrow and thanks for all your help the orange mondeo is alive again and to see another day lol
how is your car running mate?isit all sorted
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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