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Hi guys,

Yesterday I was on my way to work and my 51 puma 1.7i thunder decided to lose all power. I had the wrestle her round a bridge and push her into a parking space. Initially she would sort of 'bump forward almost as if she was trying to run on battery. But now she refuses to turn over at all.

I have checked the following.

Fluid levels all fine (oil a tad low but not much)

Belts fine.

Immobiliser disengages

Fuel pump is priming

Fuses appear intact.

All dash lights and stereo come on.

Dash diagnostics give error code 9359

Battery reads 12v to 12.2v with electrics on.

Will not bump start(second you lift clutch and engaged gear you get nowt)

Fuel cut off switch.

The engine is refusing to even turn, just get a click when turning ignition. CEL is on.

Any ideas where to start?

Thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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