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Car not starting unless I...

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...push the accelerator pedal to the floor as I turn the engine over.

To cut a long story short, it started about 2 weeks ago when I got up one Saturday morning. The car had been fine. Didn't seem to have an unusual problems on the friday but tried to turn it over and it wouldn't fire up. Battery is new. Had a mobile mechanic out who checked plugs, leads, removed plenum and had a check but couldn't put his finger on it...basically he gave me a tow and I jump started it.

But ever since the idling has been very jerky.

Now the car starts when it's been run and is warm but in the mornings it is hit and miss. If it doesn't start I push the accelerator to the floor and it 'reluctantly' fires up.

I'm hoping the fact I've realised that if I push the accelerator to the floor the car fires up, will hopefully give one of you an idea what the problem may be..

EDIT...It's a MK2 '99 2.0.
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Weeping injectors maybe? I say this as the method you have to use to start the car is the method used for a flooded engine.
Thanks for the reply.

Yes someone mentioned the injectors along with maybe the Idle Speed Control Valve.

I feel more confident cleaning the ISCV than touching the injectors.

Is the only access to the ISCV on a MK2 from under the vehicle?
the injectors are very easy to check, maybe easier than the IACV.

are you confident the car is up to date with servicing, fuel filter would be worth doing.
hi have you checked the crankcase breather pipe which runs from just under the back of the coil pack to the bottom rear of the inlet manifold as these are prone to splitting and will cause the symtoms you have

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