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Hi everyone
I'm hoping someone out there can help with this problem.
I have a 2008 mondeo 2.0tdci.The timing belt snapped. I had this repaired but within two miles it stopped running.
As if the fuel had been switched off. The rev counter wasn't working when i got the car back but the mechanic didn't know
why. The car when went back to the mechanic. He checked his work and couldn't find anything up with it.
He suggested it may be electrical. So i had a auto electrician look at it. His diagnostic machine said crankshaft sensor and low fuel pressure. He spoke to a mechanic who suggested fuel pump.
Hi changed the pump the crankshaft sensor which was new anyway and the fuel pressure sensor on the rail.
I have looked at the camshaft to make sure it was driving the pump. Everything I have looked at seems fine.
Several people have had it on a diagnostic machine all with the same result.
The sparky said there is revs there and the camshaft and crankshaft sensor are initializing.
So this is a mystery to everyone who's looked at the car.
Any help would be greatly appreciated .Many thanks in advance.

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Hi David, where in the world are you? Had exactly the same faults with someone who I seen selling their mk4 cheap because it had been seen by 2 garages and 2 AA patrols. I offered to take a look for him as it was just around the corner and had it running in 15 minutes.... He's now still running the car 1 year later.
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