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cavalier td help

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right my nan has a cav td and it is having problems starting

the glowplugs have been changed it takes about 4 attemts to start the car from cold but when warm is fine

now the bridge has ben volt tested and is giving out 10v but he was told this was normal and the glow plugs were labled as 11v is this correct or would this be whats casuing it ?

he has had it about 6 moths and has been doing this since he bought it as it was from a garage it was check but came back with nothing wrong weird
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i thought that mate seems this is it

its the same ae as mine so should i let it die as well bit late for dignity tho :}

tbh the cav is the only vauxhall i have ever owned and always found them to be very good bit like the mondy in many respects

They did have a nissan befor this but wanted a td and it is in genrally good nick

i havnt checked the bar as it is in cornwall but grampy did might just give em the mondy when i get the v6 or mk2 td
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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