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Hi everyone, could someone please advise if they've had the same problem and how to sort it.

I recently posted a message about a problem with my central locking so I decided to have a look at it today. Basically when I took the driver's side door card off, the area around the speaker was soaked wet. Also when I took the speaker out, there was water on it. I looked for the source of the water ingress and got all the way back to the central locking motor on the drivers side.

Basically, it was wet also, I noticed that the window channel is more or less directly above it and it was wet. I'm wondering if the water is coming down the window channel and on to the motor, then running along the door loom wiring to the speaker area.

I've checked the door seal and the seals around the window all which seem fine. Water is not evident anywhere else and the drain holes in the bottom of the door are all clear.

Anybody come across the same problem and if so any clues to how to sort it would be great.
I've got a 2000 Mk2 1.8 petrol mondeo. Thanks in advance!!
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