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Central locking motors

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Just a thought...

Following on from my various problems - the biggest being that I couldn't lock the car - well, for whatever reason, I can now lock the car again. And that was without doing anything to it!

So, obviously the fuse hasn't blown, as I originally thought, so my problem still points towards the door motors...

In everyone's experience, is there anything to be gained from lubricating the motors / mechanism / etc? Forgive me for being vague - I've never had the door cards off, so don't know if you can get to anything.

In a nutshell, is it worth me getting the cards off and having a good spray around with the WD40, before going down the route of sourcing second hand motors?
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To be honest you may aswell source some known working ones and fit them. I think it's the micro switches inside the mechnisms themselves that wear out.

I had times where i would try to lock/unlock the car from the drivers door and sometimes it would work and sometimes not. Changed the drivers mechanism for known working one and has been fine since.

Just beaware, they are not the easiest things to change as there are screws in places you would think were nothing to do with it, but doable.

i have a passenger door motor on offer if your interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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