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Central locking problem

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reading other posts the problem is probably due to the driver door locking motor. Several times now the central locking has kicked in while driving to either lock or unlock the doors. Separately while letting the engine run in idle to defrost the car one cold morning, all the doors locked with the keys obviously in the ignition. Luckily I had a spare set to get me in.

Do I need a new lock motor on the driver's side or could it be something else?

The problems started with the cold weather but have persisted.

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Try just unplugging and replugging the GEM (black box above the accelerator pedal, disconnect battery first). Also give it a tap to free up the relays. This will reseat the connectors, which solved my locking problems.

Otherwise replace the lock unit in the driver door as the switch contacts have gone wonky.

Paul :)
my father in law has the same issue on his mk3, he got his keys locked in the car when he was de iceing it, and I remeber once when he shut his drivers door with the car running and it just locked its self.

what is the lock unit in the drivers door, is it expensive to replace?
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