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central locking problem?

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i have had a small issue with my central locking on my mondeo 24v has been working fine until i checked it earler today , firstly the central locking doesn't engage on the drivers side door anymore i locks the door it self it doesnt lock the rest of the car when it use too , it only locks whole car on the passanger front door which is a little abit of a pain... is this a common fault? is there a fix for it??

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I have fixed mine by flooding the lock with WD40 through the keyhold and through the catch itself, normally takes a couple of days to work though.
and i fixed mine by suffering with it for over a year and then finally paying £45 to Ford for brand spanking new motor for drivers door and it fixed the issue. then 6 months later i had to do same for passenger door because that motor started to trigger off the central locking randomly by itself.
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