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Central Locking repair

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Hi, apologies if this has been asked before, but my central locking is behaving very wierdly on my 1998 Ghia X.

When I got it a few weeks ago it all worked apart from the back left door which always deadlocked and sometimes unlocked but never locked (got in the habit of checking it).

Also after a few minutes sometimes all the doors unlocked on their own, especially if a door was shut hard and sometimes when driving along.

In the last few days the back right door doesn't respond at all, although the back left door is still doing what it was before.

The remote boot seems OK (touch wood!!) and the 'two press' on the buttons both operate the front doors perfectly and flash the lights when locking, with the audible deadlock occuring.

Is this common, and is it just likely to be loose connections or something more serious like an electronics issue?

If I buy one of those plug in thingies (like for engine management) do they cover lock faults?

Not had time to investigate yet, but any advice would be welcome.
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Hi hed. my advise to you is buy yourself a haynes manual on your motor .you only have it a few weeks and thats about how long it takes to find the initial little thingy faults your finding now .the fix for yoour locks probab;y means learning how to take off the door cards and lubricating the levers to the locks or at worst changinging out the little mechanisms that work them but without the manual to find how no amount of writhig to fault sites will interest people in telling you every little detail like a proper manual haynes manual will ..s
strange central locking issues are part and parcel of an old mondeo in my opinion - look at the number of posts on MEG relating to them!!

nearly always to do with a dying locking motor i would say...careful replacing them with equally old decrepit motors of Ebay!! my recent Ebay-soourced replacement is better than the one that died, except in winter when it goes into hibernation!!

Aye, I think I will get a Haynes Manual, it's about the first car I've not had one for, and it's the second Mondeo in a row!

My old one's central locking always worked great apart from the remote not working, shame they aren't compatable (info got off here asking about the back left one, before the back right one started playing up).

Not the end of the world, but there's only the locking and the cruise control that doesn't work so I'd love to get them both working.

Thanks for the info, I'll maybe visit some scrappys!!
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